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Coaches: Tony Majam (Manager), KC Leonard, Carleton Hargrove

Players: Brady McDonald, Caleb Melford, Cole Ramsey, Damian Urias, Diego Lopez, Dominic Hargrove, Ethan Wong, Jace Leonard, Jayden Moreno, Kaleb Majam, Lane Santillan, Nikolas Angelo Lacson


Coaches: Zach Hobday (Manager), Melody Hobday, Eric Schwartz

Players: Amaya Santillan, Anthony Llamas, Camden Chandler, Damian Lopez Luna, Elijah Garcia, Elliot Smith, Jimi Melford, John Barile, Jordy Lopez Luna, Leo Hargrove, Portar Garrett, Weslee Hobday 

2023 KMLL All-Stars

Kearny Mesa Little League is at the mid-point of the baseball regular season and we would like to field team(s) for the upcoming All-Star Tournament. Our goal is to provide as many of our players and our league the opportunity to experience the most widely known youth tournament in the world.

The Little League International Tournament is widely known by what you may have seen on ESPN as the Little League World Series each August at Williamsport, PA. Before these teams reach Williamsport, they have to grind through various stages that start at the District Level. The District winner then advance to play in Sectional/State tournament. If successful would then continue on to the West Regional before reaching the Little League World Series.

It is a great honor to be picked to play on one of these All-Star teams. However, there is also a substantial time commitment and effort required to participate. Once the teams are put together, the manager of the team is fully in charge. They will make all the decisions on how their team is run and the amount of playing time that each player will receive. If they feel at any point the players and/or parents cannot fulfill their commitment, the manager has the right to dismiss that player and replace them. All tournament locations have not been determined and once the dates and locations have been finalized, the full schedule will be distributed to the league and posted on our website.

The District 33 All-Star Tournament is scheduled to start in mid-June. Team practice will begin after player selection are announced and after completion or elimination from the District 33 Tournament of Champions. Historically the All-Star tournament is double-elimination, but competition at this level is very high, with most league's season ending in June.

KMLL will field tournament team(s) this summer in one or more divisions. Please note all tournament teams are based upon the League age of the player and not what division they played in for spring baseball. Meaning, if a child is league age 10 years old and played in the Majors division he/she is still eligible to play on a 8-9-10 tournament team. However, a player cannot be considered for a Tournament Team, unless they complete the Tournament Participation Registration below. 

The board and team managers will choose the players who will, in their opinion, create the best teams possible to represent KMLL. The manager of the tournament team(s) will be chosen by the league President.

Uniforms and colors - TBD. 

Teams will have 12-14 players. Teams may have 11 players, but justification is required.
8-10 Year Old Division - The team is comprised of players from CAPs, Minors, and Majors between league age 8-9-10. This division concludes at the State level.
9-11 Year Old Division -The team is comprised of players from Minors and Majors between league age 9-10-11. This division concludes at the State level.
10-12 Little League Division - The team is composed of players league age 10-11-12 from the Majors division. This team would represent KMLL on the road to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.


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